Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog and Make Money - 3 Essential Strategies

Want to make money blogging? Many bloggers are earning five figures a month, and many others are making a great part time income for a few hours of work each week. If you want to join these bloggers, you need strategies you can put into action, knowing that they work.

I'm going to share my favorite strategies with you. I've been blogging since 2002, and in that time I've made every mistake it's possible to make. After much testing, research and tweaking, I've developed a blogging system which works; it rests on these three strategies.

1. Research a Niche: Who's Paying and How Much?

Your criteria for entering any niche (a niche is a blogging topic, a particular area) starts by deciding whether the niche appeals to you. If you don't care about a niche, you'll have problems with it. Even if you out-source the blog posts, you need to spend time and energy on this niche. If the time you spend is enjoyable, you'll make money.

The next criteria for your niche is deciding who's spending money in the niche, how much they spend, and whether you can design your blog to scoop cash out of this money pool.

For example, perhaps your partner has just gone on the latest diet. You know that "weight loss" is a million dollar niche, and you don't actively dislike it. In fact, you're quite interested in this niche. You do some research and find a sub-niche (low carb recipes). Then you find find ten affiliate programs you could promote, and you're ready for the next strategy.

2. Develop a System: One Blog or Many?

You've decided on a niche, you know money is being spent, and you know how you'll get your share. Your next step is to decide whether you'll create one large, authority blog, or many smaller blogs. There are benefits to each strategy, but for now just decide what you'll do.

3. Create a Blog Schedule: the Money Is in the Content

Your final strategy is to create a schedule for everything you'll do that's related to this particular blog, or blogs if you're going the multi-blogging route.

The income you'll make from your venture depends on you, and the effort you put in at the beginning. Once your blog's content is indexed, and you're getting traffic, you can develop a long term schedule, out-sourcing content-creation and traffic generation.

So there you have three essential strategies to help you to make money blogging.

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