Monday, January 26, 2009

Use Blogs To Make Money

If you want to blog to make money then you must know what you want your blog to be about. Blogging is a wonderful thing that the internet gave to the people so we can all share our ideas and knowledge without having to pay for it.

The first thing you want to know is what topic you want to blog about. It could be anything at all and the more specific it is, the better results you can get. I will explain why in a second. So it would make sense to blog about an interest or passion you have. Maybe you enjoy playing guitar and know how to read tabs so you can setup tab diagrams on your blog to teach people. Trust me it works wonders.

Now once you know your topic you must research to see what the balance of supply and demand is. Meaning how many people want to learn about this topic, and how many websites are providing the information. I find the most efficient way of doing this is to use a keyword tool. You should go to Google and use their AdWords tool. Type in your topic and be specific. Then go down the list of keywords. It makes it so easy a little kid can do it. It is best to pick a keyword that has a lot of people searching for it but not as much competition. That means if you use that keyword that must be relevant to your topic. You can eventually get a lot of those people who want to learn about the topic because you will be one of the few supplying it. Make sense? So use a few keywords that have little competition but a descent amount of people wanting to learn about it. Use them in your title, keywords section, or description.That is what blogging to make money is all about!

So once you have an excellent topic that has a good (we will call it) supply/demand ratio you have got the hard part over with. Now time to blog to make money. Write a lot of rich content about your passion or interest and let your fingers do the typing. Content is King! You also want to make sure you post regularly. Just do at least one post a day.

Now in order to make some money you want to post some ads relevant to your topic. So the easiest ways to do this is to find companies that produce products relevant to your blog. Sign up for their affiliate program and use their banners and the link you get and post on your blog. Also get some AdSense, and do not worry because AdSense automatically has ads relevant to your site. So that is just a simple outline to blog to make money.

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