Monday, January 26, 2009

Use Blogs To Make Money

If you want to blog to make money then you must know what you want your blog to be about. Blogging is a wonderful thing that the internet gave to the people so we can all share our ideas and knowledge without having to pay for it.

The first thing you want to know is what topic you want to blog about. It could be anything at all and the more specific it is, the better results you can get. I will explain why in a second. So it would make sense to blog about an interest or passion you have. Maybe you enjoy playing guitar and know how to read tabs so you can setup tab diagrams on your blog to teach people. Trust me it works wonders.

Now once you know your topic you must research to see what the balance of supply and demand is. Meaning how many people want to learn about this topic, and how many websites are providing the information. I find the most efficient way of doing this is to use a keyword tool. You should go to Google and use their AdWords tool. Type in your topic and be specific. Then go down the list of keywords. It makes it so easy a little kid can do it. It is best to pick a keyword that has a lot of people searching for it but not as much competition. That means if you use that keyword that must be relevant to your topic. You can eventually get a lot of those people who want to learn about the topic because you will be one of the few supplying it. Make sense? So use a few keywords that have little competition but a descent amount of people wanting to learn about it. Use them in your title, keywords section, or description.That is what blogging to make money is all about!

So once you have an excellent topic that has a good (we will call it) supply/demand ratio you have got the hard part over with. Now time to blog to make money. Write a lot of rich content about your passion or interest and let your fingers do the typing. Content is King! You also want to make sure you post regularly. Just do at least one post a day.

Now in order to make some money you want to post some ads relevant to your topic. So the easiest ways to do this is to find companies that produce products relevant to your blog. Sign up for their affiliate program and use their banners and the link you get and post on your blog. Also get some AdSense, and do not worry because AdSense automatically has ads relevant to your site. So that is just a simple outline to blog to make money.

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Can I Make Money Blogging? - You Bet

It must be one of the most common questions asked by people looking to make money online. Can I make money from blogging? Given the ease of use and the tiny investment required (we're talking pizza money here), it's not surprising that people look at blogging as an option.

Well the good news is, you bet your sweet little PC you can!

But you can make money online in numerous ways if you have the drive and determination, so why choose blogging?

Well let's briefly look at those low entry costs. WordPress, probably the most popular blogging platform (software) is actually free. Many of the blog themes and plug-ins (to expand its functionality) are also free. Buy a domain name (under $10.00) and get some professional hosting (starting at just a few dollars a month) and you're good to go.

There's a learning curve to get the best out of blogging, of course, but if you can type (even with a couple of fingers like me) then you can blog. You can get yourself earning and worry about the finer points later!

Traditional websites? HTML and scripting? Good luck with that.

But I'm not really addressing the question, am I. The question is, "can I make money blogging?" If the answer is a resounding yes, what about some detail? What about the HOW to make money blogging.

Well at the risk of being vague, how would you like to?

Pick a subject - pretty much anything you like - and you'll find a blog. If it's popular it probably carries advertising. You make money every time someone clicks one of those little ads. It's called pay-per-click marketing.

Similar thing if it's got offers for Amazon books and DVDs or perhaps other products - except this relies on sales. If someone buys, you get a cut. You don't have all the hassle of setting up the sales site or managing it, you just provide a link to it from your blog. It's called affiliate marketing and there are lots of ways to do it, but basically the programs cost you nothing to join and you get a share of every purchase you help generate...

There are affiliate programs for just about anything you can think of, so whatever your subject you can find something that fits. Is it profitable for your blog? Well that will depend on the number of visitors you get, but people are making six figure incomes and more from this stuff!

Then there's getting paid for your opinions or what you write. Some companies will pay you to review their products and services. It's not huge money per article but if you could write a couple a day, about the length of the one you're reading now, you could be looking at $1000 a month or more. It will take time to build to that level but it's quite do-able.

What about developing your own product. It's never been easier to create your own ebook and using a blog to promote it can be hugely profitable. Whole online business empires have been built on that idea, making their owners millions.

The missing part of the formula so far is that nasty four-letter word WORK. None of this happens without it. It's not hard work - you're not going to get any blisters - but it does require consistent effort. Only got a few hours a week? That's fine - exactly how most people start. If you think doing it for a fortnight is going to have you making a living online though, think again.

On the other hand, a few months from now you could be on the way to radically changing your future. Blogging can make ordinary people - with no special skills or experience - more money, faster, than probably any other opportunity that has ever existed. The question isn't "can I make money blogging?" it's "will you do what it takes?".

Blogging For Profit - The Right Attitudes to Make Money With Blog

When blog was first introduced, no one knows that you can make money with it. Now, more and more bloggers are achieving their financial freedom with blog. But, seriously, what do you need to build a successful blog? If you want to blog for profit, surely you will need product or traffic. And before that, you must make something clear.

Building a successful blog is like building a successful business. You need the right attitude to do it. Let's say you are suppose to clock into your office at 9am but you reach the office whenever time you like and sometime you don't even show up in the office. Do you think your boss will still employ you?

Of course not. You simply lack the consistency to your job. Same goes to the blogging business. When you want to make money with blog, the first thing you need is to consistently post on your blog. Your visitors like fresh information. They don't want to click in to see a 2 years ago blog.

And to help you post consistently, you should set a specific goal to build a successful blog. Let me ask you this, what do you want from your blog?

Novice bloggers will answer money. But wise bloggers will answer $3000 by end of this month. You need to set your goal as specific as possible. It is then you will know what you need to have in your blog to achieve your goal.

Once you have your goal written down, you need to concentrate and focus your energy to achieve it. It was told that one of the best ways to do that is to write up a plan. Note down how often you are going to post in your blog. What are you going to do to get more traffic to your blog; how are you going to evaluate your blog post and etc. It is alright that you don't have much idea to put in your plan. Just remember to add more ideas as you are building your blog.

Just like any other business, you will face a lot of challenges when you are trying to make money with blog. Now, that is the time your determination will be challenged. A lot of bloggers gave up their blogging business because they fail to see a growth of income despite their hard work to build a successful blog.

As a successful blogger, you should take this time to see what else you can do to bring more business to your blog.

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Why Blogging is So Popular

If you've been thinking about blogging then you're not alone. There are literally millions of people making blogs all over the world; on all kinds of subjects and for all kinds of reasons. Whether it's for personal or financial purposes it's a great way to share your thoughts and knowledge with others.

One of the primary reasons it's so popular is that you can actually start up a business online for nothing. Not one cent. What other way could you start a business with no type of investment other than time? All you have to do is start writing about something you are interested in then get a product that's in demand and sell it.

Take for example the guy who started a blog about 'Stuff White People Like' his blog became extremely popular, so much so someone offered him a book deal. And that book deal was in the $300,000 dollar range. Granted, this isn't typical for a blog to take off like this, but you never know what the future may bring.

Another reason everyone is jumping on the blog wagon is that it's fun. You can write about anything you want anytime you want. There are no limitations or boundaries set in place, no blogging police to stop you and say, "You can't say or do that."

Then there's the entertaining and informative aspect. All you have to do is Google any topic you can think of and in a minute or less you will have your choice of blogs to choose from. It doesn't matter if you're a blogger or a blog reader all the info you want is available 24/7.

Furthermore, you don't need to be Einstein to set up a blog and write. Therefore, simplicity is another reason people love blogging. It doesn't matter if you have a college education or never went to school a day in your life. All walks of life can participate; any age or nationality.

There's no time like now to get started and if you're in need of a little help then get a blog coach so you can learn how to make money with it as well.

One thing for sure is that blogging is here to stay so you might as well get on board.

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