Monday, January 26, 2009

Why Blogging is So Popular

If you've been thinking about blogging then you're not alone. There are literally millions of people making blogs all over the world; on all kinds of subjects and for all kinds of reasons. Whether it's for personal or financial purposes it's a great way to share your thoughts and knowledge with others.

One of the primary reasons it's so popular is that you can actually start up a business online for nothing. Not one cent. What other way could you start a business with no type of investment other than time? All you have to do is start writing about something you are interested in then get a product that's in demand and sell it.

Take for example the guy who started a blog about 'Stuff White People Like' his blog became extremely popular, so much so someone offered him a book deal. And that book deal was in the $300,000 dollar range. Granted, this isn't typical for a blog to take off like this, but you never know what the future may bring.

Another reason everyone is jumping on the blog wagon is that it's fun. You can write about anything you want anytime you want. There are no limitations or boundaries set in place, no blogging police to stop you and say, "You can't say or do that."

Then there's the entertaining and informative aspect. All you have to do is Google any topic you can think of and in a minute or less you will have your choice of blogs to choose from. It doesn't matter if you're a blogger or a blog reader all the info you want is available 24/7.

Furthermore, you don't need to be Einstein to set up a blog and write. Therefore, simplicity is another reason people love blogging. It doesn't matter if you have a college education or never went to school a day in your life. All walks of life can participate; any age or nationality.

There's no time like now to get started and if you're in need of a little help then get a blog coach so you can learn how to make money with it as well.

One thing for sure is that blogging is here to stay so you might as well get on board.

If you would like to start earning money with your blog go to and check out Amy Bass a housewife and mother of 4 who blogged her way out of $72,000 in debt. An amazing and true story of how blogging can completely change your life for the better.

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