Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog and Make Money - 3 Essential Strategies

Want to make money blogging? Many bloggers are earning five figures a month, and many others are making a great part time income for a few hours of work each week. If you want to join these bloggers, you need strategies you can put into action, knowing that they work.

I'm going to share my favorite strategies with you. I've been blogging since 2002, and in that time I've made every mistake it's possible to make. After much testing, research and tweaking, I've developed a blogging system which works; it rests on these three strategies.

1. Research a Niche: Who's Paying and How Much?

Your criteria for entering any niche (a niche is a blogging topic, a particular area) starts by deciding whether the niche appeals to you. If you don't care about a niche, you'll have problems with it. Even if you out-source the blog posts, you need to spend time and energy on this niche. If the time you spend is enjoyable, you'll make money.

The next criteria for your niche is deciding who's spending money in the niche, how much they spend, and whether you can design your blog to scoop cash out of this money pool.

For example, perhaps your partner has just gone on the latest diet. You know that "weight loss" is a million dollar niche, and you don't actively dislike it. In fact, you're quite interested in this niche. You do some research and find a sub-niche (low carb recipes). Then you find find ten affiliate programs you could promote, and you're ready for the next strategy.

2. Develop a System: One Blog or Many?

You've decided on a niche, you know money is being spent, and you know how you'll get your share. Your next step is to decide whether you'll create one large, authority blog, or many smaller blogs. There are benefits to each strategy, but for now just decide what you'll do.

3. Create a Blog Schedule: the Money Is in the Content

Your final strategy is to create a schedule for everything you'll do that's related to this particular blog, or blogs if you're going the multi-blogging route.

The income you'll make from your venture depends on you, and the effort you put in at the beginning. Once your blog's content is indexed, and you're getting traffic, you can develop a long term schedule, out-sourcing content-creation and traffic generation.

So there you have three essential strategies to help you to make money blogging.

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Make Money Faster With a Blogging Coach

Would you like to make money faster with your blog? If honest, most people will answer yes to this question and may even ask how. There's plenty of money to be made blogging, however, you have to know how to do it. You can't just wake up one morning and say I'm going to make money blogging.

If you want to make money blogging you need a tried and true method. That's right, a method, not just any method, but a proven one. You can come up with one on your own, but is it proven? Will it work? Of course, the answer to this is "I don't know." There has to be time, effort and a good bit of trial and error put into a method to test it.

But what if you don't have the time or energy to put into finding a method that is successful? Not to mention the disappointment that can come of trial and error tactics. You may have already tried several methods or you may be trying a new one as you read this in hopes that you will find the magic answer.

Sad to say there isn't a magic answer, but there is a solution and that solution is to get a coach. And not just any coach but one that has a proven method and can back it up with testimonies from every day people like you and me. No fake testimonies like the ones you see that have a fancy red sports car, swimming pool and huge mansion in the background.

You see, I had been trying for 6 months to make money blogging and got nothing except frustration from all my effort and ineffective methods. Don't get me wrong I did learn some things and I did make progress, however, I still wasn't making the money I needed.

I felt like a failure and was about to give up when I read about a woman who was making $5,000 a month blogging and had paid off all her debt as well. The more I read the more I wanted to find out how she did it. Come to find out she had a proven method, a plan in place and she followed that plan each and every day.

Right then and there I decided I wanted to know her method and she's been my coach ever since. Now, with her guidance I make more money and have a proven method to make it faster, do you? If your answer is no then what are you waiting for? Don't keep wasting time, get a coach.

The decision to sign up with a coach is the best one you can make. And guess what? It's not as costly as you may think for under a dollar a day you can have step by step instruction.

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Make Extra Money Online - An Hour a Day Brings Extra Money Your Way?

It may sound incredulous at first but the fact is that by spending as little as an hour each day, you can actually make extra money online and raise your income each month by at least $50.00! And this is only the beginning. After some time, you are bound to be able to raise that amount even further as you gain the necessary experience.

Get Paid To Blog

Blogging is an online phenomenon that almost everyone has heard of by now. Blogs are simply online diaries that are similar to their traditional namesakes in that they contain the thoughts, experiences and emotions of the people writing them. All you need to do is use a search engine to search for the term 'paid blogs' and you will find that there are many online companies that will gladly pay you to maintain their blogs. As long as you are able to write entries that attract visitors to read your blog and the affiliated website, you will be able to make extra money online.

You might, for example, be able to find someone who will pay you a dollar for every blog entry that you write and post. Each blog entry should not take you more than half an hour, as you are simply putting down your experiences and thoughts for the day. If you take an hour out of each day to write two entries, within a month you will have earned $60.00! How's that for a fantastic and easy way to make extra money online!

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Make Money Online With a Blog in Just Two Days

Want to make money online with your blog in just two days? It's much easier to do than you think. The simple process I've outlined for you works; once you learn it, you can create as many money-making blogs as you please.

1. Find a Blog Topic

Everything starts with choosing your blog's topic, or its "niche". Don't spend too much time over this. If you're a new blogger, you can waste a lot of time trying to find untapped niches with little or no competition. Unfortunately, not only is this a waste of time, it may also doom your blog -- tiny niches result in tiny traffic.

Choose a niche you know something about, even if it's highly competitive. Niches are competitive because there's LOTS of traffic, and you can share in that in order to make money quickly.

2. Set up Your Blog

Use whichever blogging platform you're comfortable with. As with choosing a niche, don't spend too much time. Get it done -- you can and will change it later.

3. Write Content

When your traffic arrives, visitors want to be rewarded. Create at least five posts, preferably ten. Make these the best posts you're capable of.

4. Find Advertisers

You can and will change the way you monetize your blog many times. Choose a method: whether advertising, selling affiliate products, or selling your own product.

5. Write a Free Report

With this fast traffic method you're paying for visitors, so you want to get as much of a return on your investment as you can. Therefore, you need a method of capturing email addresses before they arrive. Write a short report, and create a squeeze page -- use some of the information you used in your initial posts.

Now, when you advertise, your visitors will firstly be asked for their information so they receive the report, then they'll be sent to your blog.

6. Advertise Your Blog

The final step is to advertise your blog. Pay Per Click (PPC) will have traffic flowing to your blog within minutes. However, there are many other ways to advertise, including buying reviews, buying space on popular blogs, and paying for a solo mailing to someone's mailing list.

You will see your first income with this blog within two days. Congratulations -- now go and do it again.

Blog For Instant Income - Get Fast Traffic to Your Money-Maker

Want to get fast traffic to your blog? You can do it -- there's no need to wait weeks for your visitors to arrive, you can get a flow of traffic within 24 hours. When you do this, you'll turn a simple blog into a great home business.

There are basically two ways to get traffic: free methods, and paying for traffic.

When your blog is new, you need to prime the traffic pump by paying for traffic. This will get your blog noticed. Using a combination of free and paid methods for traffic generation will give you the best results over time. With a new blog, or a blog which is only a few months old, it's difficult to make an income from your blog by relying solely on free methods.

Let's get started.

1. Make the Most of Your Traffic: Capture Information

Because you'll be paying for traffic, you want a way to get the most from it. Therefore you need a way of capturing names and email addresses. So set up a mailing list for your blog.

2. Get Links Pointing to Your Blog

Your next step is to get links pointing to your blog. Increasing your links will get you organic traffic over time, and will ensure that you keep getting traffic even when you stop paying for it.

There are many link-building methods which you can use. Writing promotional articles works; so does writing guest posts on others' blogs.

Tip: make link-building a long term plan. The search engines like to see a site's link profile growing naturally over time. So don't go on a link building frenzy: it may have unintended consequences.

3. Advertise Your Blog

Finally, create an advertising campaign for your blog. A Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is fast and effective.

You'll get best results with advertising when you target a specific audience. For example, if you advertised the keyword "weight loss" on your weight loss blog, not only would the cost be prohibitive, your traffic would also be less profitable.

Therefore, choose a specific audience within the wider weight loss niche, such as weight loss after pregnancy, or teen obesity.

You've now got enough information to start making money with your blog by getting fast traffic, and monetizing that traffic.