Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Blog For Instant Income - Get Fast Traffic to Your Money-Maker

Want to get fast traffic to your blog? You can do it -- there's no need to wait weeks for your visitors to arrive, you can get a flow of traffic within 24 hours. When you do this, you'll turn a simple blog into a great home business.

There are basically two ways to get traffic: free methods, and paying for traffic.

When your blog is new, you need to prime the traffic pump by paying for traffic. This will get your blog noticed. Using a combination of free and paid methods for traffic generation will give you the best results over time. With a new blog, or a blog which is only a few months old, it's difficult to make an income from your blog by relying solely on free methods.

Let's get started.

1. Make the Most of Your Traffic: Capture Information

Because you'll be paying for traffic, you want a way to get the most from it. Therefore you need a way of capturing names and email addresses. So set up a mailing list for your blog.

2. Get Links Pointing to Your Blog

Your next step is to get links pointing to your blog. Increasing your links will get you organic traffic over time, and will ensure that you keep getting traffic even when you stop paying for it.

There are many link-building methods which you can use. Writing promotional articles works; so does writing guest posts on others' blogs.

Tip: make link-building a long term plan. The search engines like to see a site's link profile growing naturally over time. So don't go on a link building frenzy: it may have unintended consequences.

3. Advertise Your Blog

Finally, create an advertising campaign for your blog. A Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is fast and effective.

You'll get best results with advertising when you target a specific audience. For example, if you advertised the keyword "weight loss" on your weight loss blog, not only would the cost be prohibitive, your traffic would also be less profitable.

Therefore, choose a specific audience within the wider weight loss niche, such as weight loss after pregnancy, or teen obesity.

You've now got enough information to start making money with your blog by getting fast traffic, and monetizing that traffic.

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