Monday, January 19, 2009

How to Become a Millionaire With Free Blogs

In our new world making money is as easy as can be with all the blogging with ease programs. Sites like blogger, weebly, and wordpress, offer huge income possibilities to those willing to try. To make money off these websites first you need to create one... but hold on don't just create any blog about anything; make it about something you want to sell.

Targeted traffic is far better than random traffic, so if you're trying to sell a basketball ad on your blog you're going to have a much higher success rate on a sports blog than on a cooking blog. So remember when creating your blog create it targeted to your "niche". Now once you have your blog you're going to need to get some traffic to it. You have amazing free resources to do this. Social networking sites are extremely good for this, check out MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and digg.

For MySpace and Facebook, you will want to get a lot of friends then tell them about your cool new website. For YouTube make a interesting video that people will actually care about and watermark it with your blog URL, also put the URL as the first thing in the video description so people can click the link (people don't like typing, they like clicking). Digg is a website of articles where people "digg" the ones they like, get a good network of friends on digg and post your blog then ask all your friends to check it out and digg it.

If it hits the front page because of quick diggs you could be looking at some nice targeted traffic and back links (links to your site from other websites to make Google like you more). That's about it, now you have all the basics get out there and make some crazy internet money. Learn to make money with in-depth reviews on the easiest internet money making methods, we have tried them and we will tell you what REALLY works.

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