Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ways to Make Money - Create a Blog

There are countless ways to make money on the internet today but the focus of this discussion will be on blog marketing.

There are many opinions and perspectives on how to set up a money making blog. The question even exists as to when is the best time to introduce any type of marketing efforts on the blog itself. The thought here is the blog needs to become established with the readers first in order to gain their trust and loyalty.

Another approach is to monetize the blog immediately upon launch so that visitors become accustom to the use of the various sales tactics from the beginning.

The direction chosen ultimately will be up to the blog owner themselves. Here we're going to discuss how to monetize your blog upon launch.

Consideration and focus must be given to the 3 following areas to maximize your monetization efforts:


Here's is where you'll explore all the different strategies available concerning how to make money with your blog. What strategies will best fit into the theme or purpose of your blog needs to be carefully considered.

You'll also want to consider whether you want to add new marketing strategies to the blog later on after launch. If the proper attention is not paid to this your monetization efforts could have a negative effect on the blog. This is also where you want to select a layout for your blog that will best fit these monetization efforts.


Once you've determined those marketing strategies that would best fit your blog you need to decide how many of them you'll use. You want to be careful here because you can easily over-monetize the blog disabling both your marketing and blogging efforts. The right balance and/or mix needs to be struck to make your efforts pay off. Look around at other sites on the internet to see how they're set up and how many strategies they use.

Will you rent space to online advertisers, use AdSense ads or maybe both? What about selling affiliate products or perhaps developing your own. Will the tone of your blog reflect a more hard sell approach or will you use subtle and suggestive sales tactics.


It is important to carefully consider where to place any ads on your blog. By crowding or perhaps locating ads in low visibility areas will diminish their desired effect. Strategically placing your ads so that they will be easily found without interrupting the flow of the blog itself is crucial. It is recommended to be sure you have some ads above the fold of your blog. This is the portion of the blog that is visible to the reader when they first enter your site.

Blog marketing offers some compelling reason as to why it may be one of the best ways to make money online. It offers the blogger the ability to reach a global internet audience. The opportunity to blog about a passion without dealing with technicalities normally associated with managing a website is an additional plus. With a little preplanning you too can operate a money making blog.

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