Friday, January 16, 2009

Convert Traffic to Subscribers, Don’t Let Them Get Away

Everyone has been surfing the net at some point, jumping from page to page aimlessly, and couldn’t remember where they were ten pages ago. Unfortunately, if that site ten pages ago did not get your email address they just lost a potential customer. It is a fact that if a person leaves your site without becoming a subscriber, they will probably never return. Most people behave rather impulsively on the Internet, it is all about what catches our attention at the moment, so we can easily forget where we were only a few pages before. When we surf the net we become like little kids with about 5 minute attention spans, following where ever our interest takes us at that exact moment.

You can have a thousand visitors a day to your site. Your traffic could be a steady stream of people, but if none of them stop and subscribe then all you have is a lot ‘go sees’ but nothing of substance. The amount of potential revenue lost would be staggering, can your business afford to lose those potential clients? By collecting a fraction of those emails you could be investing in the future of your business.

It is a common consensus that unique content will lure traffic back to your site. It is true that you should create a eye catching, unique site that your visitors will enjoy visiting and want to look at again, however it is not the one and only solution for you. To keep your visitors coming back, and not placing your site on the back burner of their mind, you will want to convert your traffic into subscribers.

A simple opt-in to your mailing list will gather your visitors emails so that they can be added to your mailing list. By filling out the opt-in form your visitors are agreeing to receive emails from you, and are agreeing to keep updated on what is going on with your site.

By collecting subscribers you are making it possible to follow up with them through emails, this will keep them from forgetting about your business. You will be able to endorse another offer to him or her, or get them to consider another offer. With a little salesmanship you can get a long way through emails, so you can see why gathering subscribers, and not letting them drive on by is so important to your business.

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