Friday, January 16, 2009

How to Make Easy Money With Work From Home Blogs

The world is being taken over by blogs. At least that is what it seems like. Everyone you meet seems to have a blog although it might appear a mystery what they find to write about and who on earth reads them. Well I know what they are writing and I know why they are blogging like people possessed.

You can earn money with blogging

It took a while for me to understand that people were writing work from home blogs simply to make money. The really successful bloggers bacome so involved in their blogs that they become known as experts and get called an authority blog. Now I am not claiming to have reached that status with my blogs as yet but I am earning money from them.

Content is critical for blogs

Before your eyes turn into dollar signs you need to have a blog that is full of content in a tightly focussed area of knowledge. This is called a niche. to pick a niche you must write about something you know and can write about. For example I have a blog about beginners learning the acoustic guitar. As a player and guitar teacher it is something I know plenty about and can write about all day. So this blog has lots of great information about learning the acoustic guitar. So what, you might ask.

Making money from a blog

Once you have a good level of content on your blog then you can consider ways to make money with it. To save you searching too hard let me tell you the 2 easiest ways to make money from a blog. The first way is through placing AdSense blocks on your website. This will display ads that are related to your blog content. The second way is the find affiliate products that work with your niche and sell them from your blog. The key to finding success with your blog is to have loads of good content and your readers will click through to buy products or click on an advertiser.

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