Friday, January 16, 2009

Making Money With Blogs - How to Choose a Site

People who are new to the business of online blogs are often interested in knowing how to decide what site to start their blog on. Blogger, WordPress, and Live Journal are the three most popular blogging sites on the Internet.

Remember that advertisements are not handled the same way on every blog website, so you should investigate a website before you decide where to place your blog. The following is a short description of each of the three popular blog sites mentioned above. Use it find which will be best for you.

Blogger - Beginners tend to go with Blogger because the set up process is easiest with this website. All you have to do is sign up for your account and follow the easy, step by step process that present to you in order to get your blog up and running.

Since Google is affiliated with Blogger, getting AdSense ads on your blog is an extremely easy process on Blogger. Although it is true that you will not find as many blog templates on Blogger, it is still the best choice for beginners because of its no hassle system of getting your blog up.

WordPress - Even though WordPress also walks you through the processing of setting up your blog, it is a bit more complicated and is thus harder for beginners than Blogger's system. Blogs can be exported to your domain from WordPress. This feature is useful for marketers who want to move their blogs after a certain period of time.

Blog templates are quite plentiful on WordPress. You can also download blog templates that other people have designed as long as you give them credit for the design. This is useful for people who want to advertise their blog to a specific niche market because the design of the blog has a lot to do with the tone of the blog and the authority level is given by readers.

LiveJournal - This blogging site is community based and offers free accounts, although many features are not available with these accounts. To get access to all of the great features, you will need to have a paid account.

If your plan is to make money from ads without having to spend much on starting up, LiveJournal is probably not a good option. This is because only paying users can place an advertiser's ad on their blog pages.

You could still use a free account from LiveJournal as a networking tool to get people to visit another blog on a different site that allows ads. The LiveJournal blog could simply function as a "feeder blog" to increase your reader base.

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