Friday, January 16, 2009

Make Money With Online Jobs - Don't Get Scammed

This is kind of a touchy subject with me because no one likes getting scammed and I hope this article will help you. Six months ago I lost my job and with this very bad economy I wasn't going to find a new job fast. When I first started 6 months ago I started by doing those online surveys and i never made a dime. Although I was able to make money in my survey account. To get that money you first have to activate that account by making a certain amount of money that they set at the beginning and what happens is they give you just enough surveys to get close and then the surveys stop. The next thing you know your waiting for days and weeks and they never give you another survey and then your account will be deactivated due to lack of participation.

Some survey sites tell you that your going to make money and then they try and give you a gift card instead for a company that you wouldn't shop at. I was getting so frustrated trying to make money online. Well one day I met this person who does make money online and I was talking to them and she started telling me about building websites and affiliate marketing . Now I didn't know anything about computers because I am over 40 and I never had a computer class and I had know idea how to build a website. She said If you can balance your check book you can earn money online its just that easy. But you do have to put in the time and it will take you a while to start making money.

She said the reason why most people fail is because they get frustrated and give up. I said I can't give up because I'm out of work and I really need to make money. Well I have to say I am making money now after 6 months and I am not rich yet but it has potential. I found out it wasn't hard to make money with online jobs.

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