Friday, January 16, 2009

The Fastest Way to Make Money From Your Writing Skills

Publishers are happy to pay several dollars for every word you write and they also want people to write from them on a regular basis, making this one of the most lucrative freelance writing options of all - it's called 'filler writing'.

Fillers are short written pieces like anecdotes and poems, household and gardening tips, and dozens of similar short writing forms.

They can be very lucrative and even a part-time filler writer can generate an income much higher than many people make in a week.

But money is just one reason some people enjoy the filler writing life. Others include:

* It's very satisfying to see your work in print. The quicker this happens the sooner you can consider yourself a published writer and the easier the road to longer, more profitable assignments becomes.

* For some writers, seeing their names in print is all the reward they need for working hard. Payment is the icing on the cake.

* Research is usually easier and less time-consuming for short pieces than for long articles and news reports.

* Writing short pieces gets you noticed by editors, making it easier to break into print for longer assignments such as articles, series, columns and personality profiles.

* No rejection slips! Publishers do not usually respond to writers to reject fillers and readers' letters so there'll be no feelings of hurt and rejection. That's a useful start to your writing career.

* Fillers can be produced in minutes and spread over whatever time the writer has available.

* With no bulky equipment or research materials, the writer can work on his fillers at any time, in any place. A notepad and pen are the only tools the prolific filler writer really needs.

* Fillers can be fitted between longer writing assignments, making writing more interesting and rewards more frequent!

Now, what more could you really ask for? What better way than this to begin a new and very profitable freelance writing career! Why not get started right away?

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